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Harley-Davidson changes its logo

  • Sep 18 2019 03:26 AM GTM
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The American brand of legendary motorcycles - Harley-Davidson announces an updating of the company’s logos.

9160715d8195be4b904.jpgClassic Harley logo

Classic logo – “will go down in history”

The classic orange Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles logo remains, but will move into the category of “historical logos” of the brand. From now, this logo will be used solely as a tribute to the company's more than centuries-old history.

The manufacturer does not plan to completely abandon this logo, but its use will be limited, with a historical context or products and accessories related to the brand’s heritage.

8021595d8195763fc87.jpgThe traditional form of Bar’n’Shield remains the main element of corporate identity.

New Bar & Shield will replace Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles logo

The Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles logo is being replaced by the new Bar’n’Shield (Shield and Strip), which conveys more accurately the modern character of Harley-Davidson. “The well-known shape has undergone a change in the proportions and angles of inclination of the curves, the main lines forming the logo have also become thinner and lighter. The minimalistic and clean design looks more balanced and modern. It also fits perfectly into the logo using both on motorcycles and Harley-Davidson accessories”, - the company said in the release.

8430985d81954198b99.jpgHD lettering

The letter logo will complement the style of the American brand

In addition to the main logo, Harley-Davidson introduced an alphabetic version of the logo. This logo will allow a completely new way to communicate with fans of the brand,abandoning geometric associations.This logo is simple, clear and as straightforward as possible, but the graphics and color accent allow you tomaintain a connection at the level of designer DNA.

7029045d819501286d4.jpgAnother variant of the letter logo...

The logo will be presented in three versions, two of which will allow you to compose the inscription vertically and horizontally, and the third option will become a more compact version to be used in small forms.


The renewal of the Harley-Davidson style began simultaneously with the introduction of the 2020 model range, the first products with new logos will go on sale this year.But the process of transition to new standards will take place gradually, which will allow you to get to know and adopt a new brand image for both brand fans and those who have not previously been interested in Harley-Davidson motorcycles.Equally important is the fact that the transition plan to a new “brand language” will not require official dealers to simultaneously change the design of Harley-Davidson dealerships, but the brand’s visual concept will have a completely new and modern look by 2025.

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