Custom Indian FTR 1200 Looks Like It’s Bleeding, Wait for the Price for Some Real Pain
Custom Indian FTR 1200 Looks Like It’s Bleeding, Wait for the Price for Some Real Pain
29 Sep 2021 Custom
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Motorcycles, even custom ones, usually stick to black and chrome and their endless variations, with more vivid colors thrown into the mix as a bonus. But even when some projects go off the rails in this respect, they still steer clear of… red, for instance. At least, the shade of red, and as much it, as used on this here Indian FTR 1200.


The bike as you see it is the work of a German garage that goes by the name Hollister’s Motorcycles. These guys have a real passion for Indian and Victory motorcycles, and as we’ve seen in the past, the use of the color red.


For this FTR project, the color was generously spread in various states of shine on pretty much every bit of the bike, with the only elements that escaped being the exhaust, seat and the rubber that wraps around the tires. It makes it look cool, but at the same time it looks as if it’s suffering from some kind of hemorrhagic disease.


The FTR is a collection of custom bits and parts, supplied by Indian, motogadget, and of course Hollister’s themselves. The modified bits added during the customization process were things like the front and rear fenders, fuel tank, air filter, and speedometer, among others. The engine of the motorcycle is a liquid-cooled 1,203cc V-Twin unit capable of developing 120 Nm of torque, and gifted with some S&S hardware.


Now, if you go looking for a brand new FTR 1200, you’ll have to be ready to pony up at least $15,000. But that’s peanuts compared with what Holister’s will charge you for this one: 32,000 euros, which is about $37,300.




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