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Harley-Davidson racing project | Daytona Weapon
Harley-Davidson racing project | Daytona Weapon
13 Nov Moto sport

Sundance opened inwards Takanawa, Tokyo inwards 1982, when Harley-Davidson specialty stores are non yet famous. Since then, amongst their unique position, they convey dealt amongst motorcycles equipped amongst this skillful quondam American V-twin engine as well as convey developed their work organization on the solid pose down of the regulation of edifice elegant as well as fun to ride motorcycles.


The kickoff of the parts they developed is a stainless steel drag tube. At that time, they wanted to liberate `` parts that residuum manner as well as practicality '' for users, focusing on corrosion resistant metal, which at the fourth dimension was non a textile for custom parts, I convey achieved. From this kickoff part, Sundance's philosophy has remained substantially unchanged to this day.


Subsequently, the covers of the stainless steel force rods as well as the aluminum handles released at the fourth dimension were released based on the sentiment of using the novel metallic weft. Speaking of the Harley-Davidson custom scene inwards the 1980s, it was mutual do to purpose chromed steel parts. They wanted to opened upwards a door to the novel Harley-Davidson custom world. The inquiry of existing things as well as the wishing to meliorate the Harley-Davidson motorbike were Sundance's ain belief.


In 1992 they produced the master copy hard disk drive airplane pilot "DaytonaWeapon 1" as well as made their kickoff Daytona expedition. The race volition withal consequence inwards a retirement due to fry problems, simply it volition last a hot theme amidst Harley Works officials as well as the media inwards each country.

251035618ffa52338a1.jpgThey returned to America inwards 1994 to participate inwards the the United States of America Super Twin Class on Rowling Road, Georgia, as well as won amongst overwhelming force. In Daytona, he retired spell fighting for the summit due to fry problems.

Introduction of the Daytona BOT F2 "Golden Balls" class. The knight is American Legend, Jay Springsteen. Long awaited kickoff victory.


Aspirations achieved! He won the "DaytonaWeapon 1" inwards the BOT F1 shape as well as the combination of the Japanese driver Sugai.

He participated inwards Suzuka 8 Hours every bit Team MC Sundance. This is the kickoff fourth dimension inwards the history of 8 hours of participation inwards HD. The Super XR engine + the overhauled custom-made Saxon chassis "Daytona Weapon 2" as well as Hitoda as well as Noguchi fought for 8 hours, impressing many people.









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