Harley-Davidson “Insert Swear Word” Is the Most Provocative Custom Fat Boy of the Week
Harley-Davidson “Insert Swear Word” Is the Most Provocative Custom Fat Boy of the Week
26 Mar Custom
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We’ve seen over the years several custom builds based on Milwaukee-made motorcycles adopting provocative names, but the one we have here certainly tops them all. Not only because its fuel tank displays, in big bold letters, the words Harley-Fu**ing-Davidson, but also because it’s of those rare builds which came into existence with help from a business not usually associated with motorcycles: a tattoo shop.


The custom ride is the work of French garage Melk, a regular presence here on autoevolution these past two years. The bike started out as a 2020 Fat Boy, and got modified in the usual Melk fashion to become a unique piece of engineering.

Unlike most Fat Boy-based builds, which go for custom wheels of the spoke or wire variety, this example retains the solid wheels it made this breed famous, only painted black. For the one at the rear, a 260 mm wide piece was chosen to further enhance the custom character of the machine.


Custom fenders have been installed above both of them, and they’re both backed by a Legend air suspension system. A series of strategically placed covers tie the design of the two-wheeler together.

The Melk-handled modifications are accompanied by parts supplied by other great names of the European and global custom scene. Arlen Ness is the name behind the mirrors hanging below the aftermarket, heated Harley grips, while the LED turn signals and side-mounted license plate come from Germany’s Thunderbike.


The engine was not modified in a significant way as far as performance levels are concerned, but it does come fitted with a Kuryakyn air filter and a KessTech exhaust system.

All of the above are changes we’re used to seeing on custom Harleys, but the paint job is something truly spectacular and unique. You see, Melk itself is first and foremost a paint shop, so used to coming up with exciting designs. For the Insert Swear Word, as we chose to name this provocative ride, the paintwork was however left to a Paris-based tattoo shop called Tintin Tatouage.


These guys decided to give the Fat Boy one of the most insane visuals we’ve seen in a long time. They are inspired, we’re told, by the Japanese Irezumi, which is the locals’ habit of decorating their bodies with tattoos showing anything from flowers to scenes from myths and tales.


On the Fat Boy we can see plenty of flowers, generously spread on the two fenders and the upper side of the fuel tank. There they are accompanied by a big bad owl, a symbol of wisdom and fortune in Japan, only now wearing a traditional Japanese garment and… boxing gloves.


Bike number 22 in Melk’s portfolio, the Insert Swear Word wears a sticker price of 35,000 euros, which is about $38,000 at today’s exchange rates.


  • Custom KessTech Exhaust – MELK Painting & Motorcycles
  • Rear mudguard (wheel washer type) – MELK Painting & Motorcycles
  • Ar turn signals (3 in 1 LED strip – Night light, stop and turn signals) -MELK Painting & Motorcycles
  • Custom saddle – Craving
  • Tire Ar 260 – Metzeler
  • Air Filter – Kuryakyn
  • Air Suspension – Legend Air
  • Handlebars – HD
  • Counter – HD
  • Riser – HD
  • Mirrors – Arlen Ness
  • Av mini LED turn signals – Thunderbike
  • Av & Ar Equalizer – Thunderbike
  • Heated Grips – HD
  • Selector – Performance Machine
  • Double selector – HD
  • Brake pedal pad – HD
  • Front & Rear Wheel Axle Cover – Thunderbike
  • Right side cover – HD
  • Derby Cover – HD
  • Time Cover – HD
  • Remote license plate + LED license plate light – Thunderbike
  • Black pulley screws – MELK Painting & Motorcycles
  • Pop-up cap – HD


Aesthetic Preparation / Painting

  • The painting was imagined by an emblematic Parisian tattoo studio: Tintin Tattoo.
  • The inspiration given to this Harley – Davidson comes from Japanese tattoos: Irezumi.
  • A Boxing Glove Owl and provocative typography reinforce the character of this Fat Boy.
  • All other parts are made in Vivid Black HD.


Work completed

  • Tank, Smoothing – Tatoo Decoration
  • Rear mudguard, cutout – Tatoo decoration
  • Front Fender – Tatoo Decoration
  • Rims Av & Ar – Vivid Black HD
  • Complete fork – Vivid Black HD
  • Fork Upper Cover – Vivid Black HD
  • Headlight plate – Vivid Black HD
  • Headlight rim – Vivid Black HD
  • Upper & Lower Fork T – Vivid Black HD
  • Handlebars – Vivid Black HD
  • Riser – Vivid Black HD
  • Computer support – Vivid Black HD
  • Brake and Clutch Levers – Vivid Black HD
  • Superior Rocker – Vivid Black HD
  • Lower Rocker – Vivid Black Mate HD
  • Columns and support = Vivid Black Mate HD
  • Primary Housing – Vivid Black HD
  • Carter Gearbox – Vivid Black HD
  • Crankcase / cam – Vivid Black HD
  • Brake pedal – Vivid Black HD
  • Footrest – Vivid Black HD
  • Selection – Vivid Black HD
  • Selector Returns – Vivid Black HD
  • Upper belt cover – Vivid Black HD
  • Pulley – Vivid Black HD



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