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MV Agusta Debuts Lucky Explorer 5.5 and 9.5 Cagiva Elefant Inspired Adventure Bikes
MV Agusta Debuts Lucky Explorer 5.5 and 9.5 Cagiva Elefant Inspired Adventure Bikes
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MV Agusta EICMA has announced two new adventure bikes, the “Project”. Lucky Explorer Project 9.5 Shown here, and small Lucky Explorer Project 5.5.. Both models appear to be ready for production, but the name “project” means they’re still prototypes, and will they eventually be sold under the Lucky Explorer name, or will actually have an impact. It’s unclear if the name of the bike received will be given. design: Cagiva Elephant.


The elephant influence is evident in the 9.5 and 5.5 designs, and the graphics are inspired by the original Dakar Racer’s Lucky Explorer logo. The original elephant was Cagiva, the brand that eventually became MV Agusta, but it’s not the only company associated with motorcycles. Ducati Manufactured an elephant engine when it was owned by the MV, and created a unique adventure bike inspired by the elephant. DesertX.. It’s an automatic shootout on the fly.


Unlike 5.5, which was collaboratively developed with a Chinese manufacturer QJ, Lucky Explorer 9.5 was developed entirely in-house by MV Agusta. This includes the engine, a new 931cc triple that requires 123hp at 10,000rpm and 75.2lb-ft. At 7,000 rpm. The engine has some similarities to the MV Agusta’s 800cc triple, but most of its components are unique, including the cylinder head, steel intake and exhaust valves, head cylinder base gasket, and forged aluminum alloy pistons. .. Like other MV Agusta engines, the steel crankshaft rotates in the opposite direction of the wheel. The crankpins are evenly offset by 120 ° in the 1-2-3 firing order.


The 9.5 is equipped with a wet clutch and you can choose between a manual transmission or an automatic transmission.

The engine is mounted on a double beam frame that combines high-strength steel pipes and forged parts. The rear subframe is also a trellis construction with forged components and is bolted to the main frame rather than one complete unit, as you would expect from a true adventure bike.


Sax offers an electronic suspension system with a 50mm inverted fork with 8.66 inch travel and a progressive rear shock with 8.27 inch travel. The minimum ground clearance is 9.05 inches and the seat height is adjustable between 33.5 inches and 34.25 inches.

The dual Brembo Stylema 4-piston calipers are paired with 320mm discs for the 21-inch front wheels, and the 18-inch rear wheels are equipped with 265mm discs and Brembo two-piston calipers. Continental offers the MK100 ABS system with rear wheel lift mitigation and cornering capabilities.


The Lucky Explorer Project 9.5 tubeless wire spoke wheels are covered with some chunky off-road tires, but are subject to change in the final production model.

In addition to lean sensitive ABS, the 9.5 is equipped with cornering lights, GPS sensors, cruise control, launch control and an 8-level traction control system. The 7-inch TFT panel provides all the vehicle information you need and is both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled.


Other features include an integrated luggage mount, hand guards, full LED lighting, a 5.3 gallon fuel tank, and a dry weight of 485 pounds.

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