Electric Motorcycle Builder LiveWire Aims For 100,000 Bikes Sold In 2026
Electric Motorcycle Builder LiveWire Aims For 100,000 Bikes Sold In 2026
03 Mar 2022 Custom
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There’s no way it’s a secret by this point that we really like Harley-Davidson’s electric spin-off brand LiveWire by now. The LiveWire One, formerly the Harley LiveWire, is one of the all-time great bikes I’ve ridden, and in spite of the bike’s incredibly high launch price, lack of highway range, and somewhat disappointing infrastructure, it’s always on my mind as something I should purchase. It’s also no secret that the bike didn’t exactly set any sales records.


That said, LiveWire is making some big moves in the electric bike game right now that could set it up for massive growth in the next eight years. This year the company is finishing up a SPAC merger to go public. The company is launching a new mid-sized upright naked bike called the Del Mar. And that bike is launching a new platform upon which future EV bikes can be built. These are all good things.

The LiveWire One isn’t exactly shooting off the shelves right now, and they’re pretty thin on the ground in the real world. So getting from just a few thousand units in 2020 to a hundred thousand in 2026 is a massive jump, and I, for one, hope the company can pull it off. According to an official investor relations document obtained by RideApart, the company projects 100,000 LiveWires sold per year from 2026, growing to 190,000 annually by 2030.

I genuinely look forward to the lightweight electric motorcycle that LiveWire is jointly developing with KYMCO. That motorcycle should help LiveWire expand its reach across Europe and Asia, and hopefully will bring the pricepoint down into the four digits where us normal people can actually justify them as commuter bikes. That would be pretty cool, I think. So long as it retains the good-to-ride nature of the LiveWire One. The more electric bikes the better.

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