Monkey Racer Replica Ganesha by Note
Monkey Racer Replica Ganesha by Note
08 Jul 2022 Custom
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A Japanese-Thai team consisting of Ganesha Custom, k-win and Mr. Note took this legendary Italian motorcycle as a template to convert a Honda Monkey 125. They were inspired by comic series and computer games in which the iconic Guzzi plays in a slightly modified way, keyword: Dragon Ball.


The Asian custom bike specialists have succeeded amazingly well in transferring the historical model. Down to the coloring and some contemporary details. You’ve already won a Honda conversion competition with it. However, the Racer Replica can only hide the fact that a light motorcycle is hidden under its shell at first glance. Especially since it is a particularly small 125: the Monkey. This concept has been around for several decades, but Honda’s beloved monkey never grew up. The current version still rolls on knobbly 12-inch wheels. On the other hand, this light motorcycle is really light, in its original condition it hardly weighs more than 100 kg. The almost ten hp that the air-cooled single-cylinder engine achieves are easily enough for this.


The Honda Monkey currently costs 4499 euros in Germany, the Racer Replica by Ganesha is offered for 1,595,000 Japanese yen, which corresponds to around 11,500 euros. In fact, there is a small series of these, if desired even with international shipping. A parts kit is not (yet) available, the replicas are only sent as complete vehicles. The low weight is also an advantage here.


It is a milestone, both in the history of Moto Guzzi and in racing history: the V8. It seems unbelievable, but it’s true that the Italian motorcycle manufacturer entered a factory V8-powered machine in the 1950s in the World Motorcycling Championship. With water cooling and dohc valve gear, the extremely elaborately designed 500 engine achieved over 70 hp at over 12,000 rpm. What still fascinates today in retrospect was all the more sensational back then. In addition, the innovative racing Guzzi was extensively clad, at a time when even racing machines were still naked bikes. Internationally, this characteristic disguise was called dustbin (garbage can), a little more charming in German: eggshell. It was developed and optimized in the in-house wind tunnel in Mandello del Lario on Lake Como. Thus, the Moto Guzzi V8 was a double bang, motorically and aerodynamically. A top speed of 275 km/h was measured.

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