Would You Believe That This Sportbike Is Actually A Scooter?
Would You Believe That This Sportbike Is Actually A Scooter?
08 Dec 2022 Custom
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The custom two-wheeler scene is quite insane in Southeast Asian countries, and you can find plenty of mind-twisting custom builds based on affordable small offerings. Indonesia’s Rainbow Motor Builder is a specialist in doing exactly this, and it recently transformed a Honda Spacy 110 into a mini-sportbike using its skills. In case you’re unaware, the Spacy was the company’s budget commuter scooter for the Southeast Asian market and sold in extreme numbers thanks to its sporty looks yet practical nature. But this particular model now is anything but a simply scooter.


The custom buildlooks nothing like the Spacy, or any scooter for that matter. Rainbow Motor Builder has taken inspiration from Cyberpunk and crafted a special bodywork shaped out of sheet metal. It wraps the mechanicals from head to toe, creating a full-faired, superbike-like finish. Meanwhile, the panels are joined by external fasteners (which look like rivets on an aircraft’s body) and come wrapped in a snowy white livery. Topping this bespoke bodywork is custom lighting at both ends. The fascia features two chunky LED projectors (did someone say WALL-E?) while the tail has a round lamp complete with sly LED indicators. Right behind the front projectors, the team has neatly carved cutouts for the aftermarket clip-on handlebars that wear bar-end mirrors for extra swagger. There’s also a custom analog instrument cluster embedded in the body.


Like the design, the ergonomics are a cut above too. The moto-scooter (motorcycle + scooter) now boasts rear-set footpegs along with a custom saddle, both resulting in an aggressive riding triangle. Also, the rear seat cowl is removable and lets you bring a pillion aboard who also has custom footrests at his/her mercy.


As for the mechanicals, the puny 110cc engine has been bored out to 135cc which, coupled with the freeflow exhaust, should result in a sizable power gain. And when you are powering through, you’ll also appreciate the wider wheels shod with round-profile rubber. The braking hardware too sees an upgrade as you now get a disc brake up top.

Credit: topspeed

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