Take a look at fanmade jaw-dropping LEGO motorcycle build
Take a look at fanmade jaw-dropping LEGO motorcycle build
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If you’re looking for a unique concept for your next custom build, look no further than this impressive skeletal hot rod that combines the modern style of a chopper with a sleek and minimalistic take on the lean frame.


The build results from creating a concept and getting it approved adequately by the folks at LEGO Ideas, so it’s already got plenty of people’s votes.

This custom ride might make your jaw drop in awe and disbelief by bringing a whole new level of creativity to the imaginations that already run wild when LEGO sets are involved.


This custom LEGO motorcycle, fan-made, is made of parts from both Technic and regular LEGO mechanisms. It has a unique aesthetic that gives it a stripped-down, lean look.

Hard work

The beautiful bike shown below results from some hard work by a LEGO fan on& Ideas. Lego& website. As you may have guessed, the bike can’t be ridden as it’s only made from plastic bricks. Even so, this LEGO custom motorcycle looks like an absolute beast and sports some primo design elements drawn from classic customs.


Pale4 is an active member of the LEGO Ideas Forum and regularly updates his account with various creations and pictures of custom bikes. The “custom skeletal hot rod” is neither the first nor the biggest in size, but it’s undoubtedly quite eye-catching, thanks to its build.

Pale4 said

“I’ve always been a fan of custom motorcycles. Since customizing motorcycles is hugely popular, I thought designing one which the builder could customize after building would be a great set for fans of Lego and Lego Technic”.


The model is very detailed, with a V2 engine, gearbox, disc brakes, and brake lines, and even the kickstand is functional.

Lego has officially commented on the LEGO Technic Lego Custom Modern Chopper Style Motorcycle, designed by Pale4, on their platform. This is a build and set that collectors and builders will clamour over, and with good reason. It has enormous with a 1:5 scale. And if he receives 10,000 votes, LEGO will make this fan-made MOC into a box set that anyone can buy and build.



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