Victory Hammer: The SuperBee - A Hot Bike Tour Champion
Victory Hammer: The SuperBee - A Hot Bike Tour Champion
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Conquest Customs undertook the transformation of a 2005 Victory Hammer, affectionately dubbed the SuperBee, for an unforgettable journey on the tour. This remarkable machine pays homage to my early days at Hot Rod magazine, earning the moniker of a pro-touring muscle car on two wheels. Remarkably, the SuperBee was Conquest's inaugural build in 2005, serving as a testbed for component and configuration experimentation for half of its existence. Over the past five years, it had been gradually stripped of many parts, languishing in the shop's corner. However, it was the 2014 Hot Bike Tour that ignited the spark to resurrect the Bee for the 2015 season.2266776536b4717722a.jpg

Our vision for this project extended beyond enhancing power; it was about maximizing efficiency. Drawing from my experience in the automotive industry, I see myself more as a tuner than a customizer. The SuperBee is the epitome of a finely tuned Victory motorcycle. From the engine to suspension, brakes, rotational mass, curb weight, and beyond, we meticulously addressed every facet of performance components, creating a heavyweight cruiser that defies expectations with its capabilities. We meticulously integrated this philosophy into every functional aspect of the bike, delivering a level of confidence that makes the rider feel invincible. In this build, form seamlessly followed function, resulting in an elegant Spartan look that complements the Victory platform beautifully.5643676536b477d7ef2.jpg

Our pursuit of power led us to the installation of a Lloyd’z Motor Workz supercharger kit, complete with a ProCharger B-1 compressor, cog drive, and a custom intercooler. Complementing these power upgrades, we incorporated 80-pound injectors, an AeroMotive pump and regulators, 495 cams, MSD ignition, custom SS pipes, and a substantial centrifugal weighted clutch. To maximize the effectiveness of these power modifications, we turned to substantial weight savings by fitting BST carbon-fiber wheels paired with our AMS composite rotors featuring custom carriers and Brembo calipers. Even the front and rear fenders underwent a transformation, crafted from carbon fiber, ultimately bringing our wet weight down to under 550 pounds. Recognizing that power means nothing without control, we incorporated fully adjustable cartridges into the inverted Marzocchi front suspension and a Conquest proprietary Penske adjustable rear damper.1858296536b484cb711.jpg









Additional modifications included midset controls, narrowed bars, a Monster tachometer, concealed internal wiring, LED head and tail lighting, and a generous dose of paint, powder coat, and anodizing to introduce a spectrum of colors. The SuperBee rides on ME880 tires (130F/260R). On the dynamometer, the SuperBee notched an impressive 190 rear-wheel horsepower and 154 rear-wheel torque. In its inaugural run in Sturgis this year, it sprinted down the 1/8-mile track in 7.2 seconds at 102 mph. The SuperBee is more than a motorcycle; it's an experience in pure riding.

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