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First pole position, and we won!
Caljouw Racing
Caljouw Racing
19 Jun 2018

First pole position, and we won!

Last weekend we where in Czech Republic for a new road race adventure; Terlicko track as a newcomer.
Tested a new brand of tires (Michelin) to see if it worked out for us.

The new tire gave a lot of confident in the front of the bike!
Finally we could go struggling with the bike and pushing the boundaries.
Resulted in a pole position in the open class qualification! Out of nowhere from 2.24's/25's to a 2.22.8.
(To be honest we first thought he missed a chicane, but no.. it was no mistake our joke.. really a pole!!)

He was leader all of the race, in the end it was really excited if he could keep his pole position, but he managed to! Finally a win, we really needed that!!

During our own championship we had some less luck, ended in a 14th and 8th place.
But for the next time we now know that we have to push more during qualifications. More in the front rows so the start will be easier and not in loads of traffic and get stuck behind.

Photo Thomas Neidhard

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