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Lee Ward
07 Nov
Rainy days are still riding days

Absolutely bucketing it down all day today..

Slowly getting used to cornering a bigger bike after passing my test, to be honest I think it's more about confidence than anything else..
Also having to trust your tyres to keep you on the road and in the upright position.
Learning all the time with this bike malarkey!

Work this morning and then home this afternoon and she never missed a beat. When she behaves its a lovely bike especially for a first one, but when shes naughty, my god she's annoying.

Getting a gazebo for Saturday with my day off to give the bike a clean and a tidy and make sure everything is as well as can be.

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  • Jean Claude Nov 07 21:40 GTM
    Ride carefully! rain is not the best time to ride
    • Lee Ward Nov 07 23:46 GTM Replied to Jean Claude
      Always matey... Take your time and live longer!
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