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1 months ago
Road stories

Hey motohobo’s, grandpa here and I wanna share a story about some of the “road magic” as I call it, that I’ve found along the way in my travels. This is a story from just a few months ago, on new years day. I broke camp in the late morning/early afternoon and headed out of Congaree National Park, and rode in a southwestish direction, heading towards Arizona. I think I ended up camping somewhere in Georgia, I’m honestly not sure though. Anywho, I’m getting to camp around 1730-1800 o’clock and about a mile from camp I have to stop to let some deer cross the road. No biggie, I like seeing nature. While waiting, for at least 5 minutes (these deer REALLY took their sweet time getting across the road) a truck comes down the road from the opposite direction, and waits for the deer to cross. Once they finally do, he pulls forward and stops and starts talking to me a bit (we were the only 2 people on some very long, straight, old back road, just us and the deer, so it wasn’t dangerous) asks where I’m going, how long I’ve been on the bike, ect. We chat for a few minutes, I tell him where I’m planning on camping, he tells me it’s a great and he takes his family there on occasion, then we say our farewells and part ways. I get to my campsite, set up my hammock, gather my firewood, and get a fire going while contemplating weather I was going to have rice and beans again for dinner, or change things up with some pb&j tortillas for the night. While sitting by my fire, sipping on my beer, I see some headlights turn into the campsite, and the same truck I saw earlier pulled up to my campsite. I walk over and see the same guy from earlier, but this time the trucks full with his family as well. He says he didn’t want to take up too much of my time, but him and his family had just had a delicious feast to celebrate new year’s and after telling his family about me, they all decided to come down to my camp and give me a huge plate of their delicious “southern feast” as they called it. We chatted for maybe 5 minutes, then they headed on their way, and I headed back to my fire to consume waaayyyy more food than I had been planning with a big smile on my face. I ate myself into a food coma (the beer, goofy grass, and sleepy time tea also helped) and passed out in my hammock, one happy hobo.

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