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Recommended tongue weight?
12 Jun

Recommended tongue weight?

Has anyone on here pushed the limits of their vehicle's (or hitch/receiver) recommended tongue weight? My car (2011-2018 Ford Focus) isn't exactly the best tow rig and has a recommended tongue weight of 200 pounds from what I can find. I was hoping to cut costs of a trailer and use a motorcycle carrier to transport my bike to/from the track.

My bike weighs ~440lb and including the carrier it'd be an additional 50-100lb, significantly more than the recommendation. I'm aware this isn't the brightest idea for obvious reasons BUT it seems as though it has been done on similar vehicle's.

Looking for any feedback/advice from those who have done similar or use a car to haul their bike to the track. Thanks in advance.

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  • Wanda Rise 12 Jun
    You'll be blowing out rear struts every 10-20k miles.
    The other concern is adding more weight inside the car with all your gear. You'll have 600lbs or more on or behind the rear axle. That's rough on a cars rear suspension. That's assuming it's a sport bike and not a motard or something.

    My other concern is the rear frame rails on the car where the hitch bolts up are not really built to handle a load like that. It would probably be fine, but over time would be hard on the welds.

    Personally your safest option is a cheap folding trailer. Pulling 1200-1500 lbs isn't a big deal, just leave room from braking.
  • Mike Ehm 17 Jun
    with that much weight at the back you're going to drastically change the way the car handles. loss of traction, stopping distance. sounds dangerous to me
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