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2 days at Vegas
17 Nov 2020

2 days at Vegas

I rode in the morning and ran checker flag in the corner afternoons. I highly recommend any C(slow) group rider to ask your local association about exchanging volunteer work for track time. Not only does it save you money, you learn a TON just by watching how the different groups/riders taking the same corner over and over. You begin to really see what they do as they approach the turn as well as the body position all the way around. The differences between the really fast riders become obvious. And the things the slow riders need to work on becomes REALLY obvious!! I have made quite a few corrections after sitting out there a few sessions.
Yes it’s exhausting and a long day(and 2 in a row...whew!) Totally worth it, I think. I don’t feel the loss of track time, if you’re wondering, I actually ride harder for that half day and get more out of that too because I’m not pacing myself for all day. I give it all I got because I only got a few sessions.

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  • Russell Taylor 17 Nov 2020
    No masks or social distancing?
    • Boobs 17 Nov 2020 author
      Russell Taylor, We were diligent about both all weekend. If you zoom you’ll notice we all pulled our masks down just for this photo. Some of us have passed the immunity test and most are same household as the people they’re posing with.
  • Russell Taylor 18 Nov 2020
    No worries.
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