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Gixxa K6 Australia
Gixxa K6 Australia
1 month ago

Ride Mode option

Just turned on Ride mode and it seems I'm the only one in Australia keen for a ride, lmfao. Has anyone been using this to find someone who is keen for a ride in your area ? It seems to be a unutilised tool on the app people may not be aware of.

Below 🤪🤣😂🎉
Some footage from about 9 years ago of the local mountain road I'm lucky enough to live near.

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  • derekm8087 1 month ago
    Same where I live. No one got it turned on
  • WavveByye 1 month ago
    🤔Ride Mode Sounds Interesting🤔 Is That An Option In Settings? I Dont See It😖Yet😅
    • Gixxa K6 Australia 1 month ago author
      WavveByye, It's in your profile section for some reason . from the main page just tap on your profile pic at the bottom and it will open your profile page, Ride Mode should be on the top left of your profile page and profile edit next to it. 🤪
  • The Quadfather 1 month ago
    same here pal
  • The Quadfather 1 month ago
    maybe they should make it a little easier to find
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