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Ducati 851 Tri Colore Kit Bike. One of about 20 imported into the US out of 207 produced
Daniel Ramos
Daniel Ramos
23 Jan 2021

Ducati 851 Tri Colore Kit Bike. One of about 20 imported into the US out of 207 produced

In 1988 Ducati released its all-new 851. The engine was a brand new design, inspired by the Ford Cosworth Formula One V8.

Displacing 851cc’s for compliance in World Superbike racing, it has 4 valves per cylinder, liquid cooling, desmodromic valve train, dual head cams.

Producing about 95hp, it was by far the most powerful road-going Ducati ever made until 1988. Two models were available, the 851 Strada ( street) and the 851 Kit (track). The Strada had DOT compliant lights, exhaust. 16-inch wheels and displaced 851 cc.

The Kit was intended for racing and sold to privateers. It only had a head and tail light, no mirrors, racing mufflers, Marvic magnesium wheels, no speedometer, racing slicks, aluminum fuel tank, and displaced 888cc. It had a lightweight solo seat and tails section. Braced swing arm, ram-air intake gearbox, and racing clutch with open clutch cover. This particular bike is all original with very little track time. 119 Crankshaft Horsepower and dry Weight 364 pounds.

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  • Russell Taylor 23 Jan 2021
    Rode one of these at a Ducati Test Day in the Isle of Man in 1989. Felt massively powerful and very light compared to my GPz900R at the time, but small for my 1.88m frame!
    • Daniel Ramos 26 Jan 2021 author
      Russell Taylor, How many years have you been riding ?
      • Russell Taylor 26 Jan 2021
        Daniel Ramos, Since I was 13, 50 years ago! Only had a two year break when I was unemployed in the late 70s.
        • Daniel Ramos 04 Feb 2021 author
          Russell Taylor, Huge experience!
          • Russell Taylor 04 Feb 2021
            Daniel Ramos, Have enjoyed every minute of it (apart from falling off)!
  • Dennis S. 26 Jan 2021
    Beautiful bike!!! I love that little Blue kawi too!!!
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