Zach Morgan ADVmoto Training
Zach Morgan ADVmoto Training
24 May 2021

Testing Tires

Running a more street oriented set of tires and went down in some fairly thick, dry sand. It's been a long time since I've lost it in sand, but it's a good reminder of why I do what I do.

Edit - 2 days later:

Also to note: I was wearing regular, everyday cowboy boots. Not exactly a protective motorcycle boot much less an off-road style protective boot.
There's always the possibility that I would have twisted my ankle just as bad or maybe even worse, but none the less I caught my foot between the top box and the ground which resulted in twisting my ankle pretty badly. Couldn't really walk on it the next morning.
Luckily after Manderjack made me elevate and ice it I can now walk on it the 2nd day.

Edit #2:
As of July 30 - a hair over 2 months later, I still have some slightly major issues with the ankle. I can walk on it,but I have to be careful on uneven surfaces as it easily twists. Not able to wear my off-road boots as they pull on my heel too much and cause excruciating pain trying to get the boot off. At this point I'm thinking something is broken in there. I know what pulled and torn ligaments and muscles feel like and while that may be part of it there's something more damaged.

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