Jennifer Jeynes
Jennifer Jeynes
1w ago

About me

Hi, I joined this because I'm a disabled pillion rider now and was looking for info on a local event I love attending before I got too sick to go for a few years.

I was brought up with motorbikes, as my dad was one of the old London ton up boys, I ace cafe, London in 60s then dad had to grow up as got with my mum and then they had little old me. my dad died a few years back but before he died and I became too ill the hubby and I took a trip through his old ride outs to Oxford or Reading and back to London, nananza Street was were my greatnan live in London and nan, dad's mum in Andover, where I was born lol.

that was the last time I got to ride in 2011 due to becoming ill, even my son refused to even allow me on his pillion after that, so now the guy at the end of the street takes me out on his trike, it's great an no helmet required, so I face his kids my old fancy shark helmet as it'll fit them while they're young, I'm tiny so it was ladies xs custom and they love it and respect it, thank goodness 😆 🤣

Well that's me these days, me and my dog in bed most days and a very awesome husband that tolerates all my bs is hard going from someone who climbed mountains with her kids to someone that's not even allowed to be trusted in a pushbike alone ...

Nice to meet you all, stay safe xxx

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  • Backtracker 1w ago
    Welcome buddy!
  • Stoneheart 1w ago
    Welcome. Glad to have you on the app. Always a great thing to find someone managing to stay up and up despite life throwing nasty curves.

    Keep at it!!

    Also, if you’re interested in some listening material, I’d recommend the “Motorcycles and Misfits” podcast.

    Amazing people, with genuine motorcycle stories.
  • Mel N 6d ago
    Damn quite the story.. Life’s road is a winding one for many instead of a straight road. Nobody can take your joys from u.. Good you still got spirit despite all.. Respect for that!!
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