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The words I live by.
17 Apr

The words I live by.

Sometimes people will ask me why I ride with the risks being what they are. I always think back to when I was very young and a elder friend of my father's said to me that "If you quit riding motorcycles you'll just be struck by lightning 🌩️ while going to get the mail." "Do what you love while you can and just be glad that you got to do it at all!" That just always stuck with me. Does anyone else get those kinds of questions about riding?

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  • Danny 4D's 17 Apr
    Word of Wisdom !
    Ignorance has to sides & can be your worst or your best alliance .
    I've like to think I use it on my favor even if the world thinks I'm wrong,
    @ the end I know I'll be happier knowing that I Least I tried & not just stay ignorant about all the things I could have done in my life & didn't do because others told me not to do, hey choose to stay in the wrong side of the ignorance 😏
    • Tennesseebob 17 Apr author
      Danny 4D's, That's my goal every day!
  • Firehawk 18 Apr
    I'm trying to think of someone who might've asked me such a question. Honestly I can't think of anyone. The closest I might find to that is the occasional online jab about not wearing all my safety gear when I ride. People closer to me were more concerned about me riding a bicycle on the road than riding my motorcycle. 🤣
    • Tennesseebob 19 Apr author
      Firehawk, That's cool I think more people get riding now a days.😁
      • Firehawk 19 Apr
        Tennesseebob, Agreed
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