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Q: What Motorcycle does the American Military use in Combat Operations?
4444 Chang Jiang
4444 Chang Jiang
04 Jan

Q: What Motorcycle does the American Military use in Combat Operations?

A: Almost all Military Motorcycles are Christini AWD 450e bikes.

American designed and manufactured, Christina's are AWD = All Wheel Drive, meaning both wheels have power. And the 450-cc motor, huge using dirt bike standards, is geared low to enable agile hill climbing, and it is reported the 5th gear (high) is engineered to make freeway travel a breeze at 90-mph sustained. No nonsense frame bars protect the mechanics from repeated dumpings by unskilled riders.

All-wheel-drive is accomplished with two gear boxes. Picture shows the drive train from engine power sprocket, with both horizontal chain drive to rear, but also vertical chain drive feeding front tire.

Front tire drive mechanics.

Not surprisingly, the AWD mechanical drive train, (the Christini AWD Patented mechanics) are available retail as direct replacement frames for a long list of KTM and Honda production models. One must be willing however, to dismantle your factory Honda or KTM, and build it back up from scratch using the Christini Frame Kit.

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