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Dualsport helmet. Pros and Cons.
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Dualsport helmet. Pros and Cons.

Hey, everybody!

Today I would like to discuss dualsport helmets, their application, scope, positives and negatives.

Dualsport helmet is a dual-purpose hat, which has a form factor like a cross/enduro helmet, but with an upgrade in the form of a visor, which can be removed if necessary, and put on a mask. It can be used as a general-purpose helmet, and as a head protector for forest rides.

These helmet models appealed to fans of extreme tourism: owners of touranduro, dual sport motorcycles, motards and snowmobiles.

Nowadays touring enduros are in high demand, which means that all touring attributes are also developing intensively. The current market makes offers for every task and for every wallet.

I have two helmets, they are both tourist helmets, they have all the points of such hats, but by their technical characteristics, and my personal feelings - very different.

I'm talking about the Nolan N70-2X and the Airoh Commander. They are about in the same price segment, by the way!

My first real touring helmet was Nolan. I was helped with the choice by the advice of acquaintances who have long been in the topic of tourism on moto.

This model had a cool advertising campaign, where a man on a touring bike cheerfully moves off the asphalt and cuts a path through rough terrain, then catching up with his friend.

The helmet was bought without trying it on, with the hope that it would fit, and I was lucky. The helmet sat perfectly, no pressure and I guessed the size too.

What is remarkable about the model? Let me show you. The creators tried to include all functions, under any requests and needs of the buyer.

Retractable sanitary napkin in 4 positions

There is a removable visor, ventilation on the chin guard

Three ventilation flaps at the top of the head.

Removable jaw guard, converts helmet to 3/4

Quick-release visor. Moves in several positions, has a latch.

Ratchet clasp

To all this we can add that there is a factory possibility to put a headset from Nolan, the preparation in the helmet for this is already available.

And point by point pros and cons:

+ Enormous visibility;

+ Detachable chin (and no, contrary to many comments, it does not play and does not come off in any strange situation);

+ Quick-release visor, as well as a choice of available visors, you can quickly remove and put on the mask. Gently locks in five positions.

+ Pinlock included; Yes and in principle even in the cold does not fog, does not freeze.

+ Removable visor;

+ Sun visor in 4 positions;

+ Lining can be washed in a washing machine, it is written on the lining itself.

+ Waterproof.

- Weight. 1560g. I got used to it, but everything is known in comparison;

- The visor. It is impossible to drive more than 100 km/h with it at all, it just turns my head off. I took it off almost immediately and never put it on again;

- Quick-release visor, this is both a plus and a minus, because when I got a bird in my helmet, the visor detached from the impact and I was looking for it on the roadside.

- Noise protection. Well, compared to expensive helmets, it is nothing. Although on my bike there is no windproofing.

- The sanvisor key eventually gets clogged with dust, and the spring in it becomes unusable. It becomes impossible to clean it quickly.

- Squeakiness. Generally creaks terribly when you put it on, like a cheap Chinese helmet.

I rode in it for over two years before I wanted something more “off-road”.

Again by a social survey, and this time with trying on all models in the store in Novosibirsk, Airoh Commander was chosen. I would have bought it, but there was no color I liked. Then I ordered it while at home.

(Can you smell from the headset how my toad has grown with age?)

Thick visor, with pinlock included, moves very stiffly in several positions, has a tight latch.

Sun Visor in two positions. It is very tight, you have to make an effort to raise and lower it.

Positioned the model as a helmet for active bloggers, devices for action camera is included, two options, mounted on the top of the head.

The ventilation is on the chin, and it's quite noticeable.

Ventilation on the forehead.

2D-ring clasp

Again, pros and cons:

+ Good visibility;

+ Visor in five rigid positions;

+ Weight 1460 grams. Very lightweight.

+ Pinlock included, does not mist up, but freezes in the cold.

+ Visor on the bolts to remove need a screwdriver.

+ Removable visor, which does not sail, and turns your head out at speed, has aerodynamechsky silaut.

+ Complete mount for a video camera, no need to bother with gluing;

+ The mask can be put on without removing the visor, and the visor closes tightly with the glasses.

- Like all Airo's the face silhouette is pointed, so the cheeks are in a bunch. The previous helmet had a lot of freedom in this aspect;

- The buckle. Though considered one of the most secure by TwoDaring, it is less comfortable for me;

- Ventilation on the forehead is very controversial, I can not say that my head sweats, but puffing with a closed visor in the woods is a bit hard;

- Noise isolation is also on a three;

- The valve from the chin constantly falls out, I even think to glue it there intentionally.

Though both helmets are Italian, after Nolan in Airo it's like after Bmw in Lada.

The Airo feels like the fourth iphone. Bricky, everything is tight, solid, no half-measures or smoothness. The lining material is rougher, and how to wash it - also did not write. There is a preparation for a headset, but still had to finish sawing with a stationery knife.

Thanks for reading, tell me about your hats in the comments.">

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