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Chain guard with or without
Omar Garcia
Omar Garcia
19 Jan 2021

Chain guard with or without

I've noticed a lot of bikes on the street without a chain guard, I myself have never contemplated taking it off and I assume it's for solely looks as the weight reduction would be minuscule..
Interested to know if any of you guys have removed the chain guard on your bike?

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  • William Mowrey 25 Jan 2021
    I like my toes to much.
    • Saad Hany 26 Jan 2021
      William Mowrey, Assuming you mean the chain lube guard then it's fine to remove if you prefer the look. It's just aesthetics however. Most WSBK, BSB and MotoGP don't run them so if you remove it's fine.
  • Godin Jacques 25 Jan 2021
    Can't imagine a single good reason for doing this. :puke:
    • Saad Hany 25 Jan 2021
      Godin Jacques, It doesn't protect toes. It stops chain lube fling. That's all.
  • Gary Serrata 26 Jan 2021
    This is a good question. If you are one of those people who like to put any kind of lube on your chain then definitely leave the chain guard on IMHO. I like to run the chain completely dry and only clean the chain off with a chain cleaning product. Adding lube is just a dirt magnet. Taking the wheel off is easier without the guard. Now, regarding toes, it is not the chain guard that matters, but the shark fin at the bottom. I cant believe BMW sell the bike without one. :ok:
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