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Around the Baltic Sea with a tent
KTM Duke 390
KTM Duke 390
03 Dec 2020

Around the Baltic Sea with a tent

To write this post (the first of a series), I was inspired by a story of another blogger about how everything in Europe is expensive, and what problems arise in the absence of knowledge of local languages.
I would like (on the example of a story about our 6000+ kilometer trip around the Baltic Sea from Germany) to tell about how you can save and get to know nature better, preferring camping and tourist centers to hotels and motels.
I'll start, as usual, from the beginning, in a hurry, describing our adventures in Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

The first stop on the way is Lübeck, the birthplace of marzipan. However, all the marzipan shops were closed...

While we were drinking coffee, the clouds disappeared...
Hurried by ferry to Denmark...

Half an hour - and we are on the other side. It was the only ferry for the entire trip, where our motorcycles were somehow tied up.

Meanwhile, even the northern sun is already heading towards the horizon, so we decided to stop for the night in the first campsite in Maribo.
I found all the campings through OpenStreetMap, most often through MAPS.ME. If there were a lot of variants, you had to go to the sites and compare prices - sometimes it was possible to win up to 10 euros.

Cozy, but still expensive, if compared with other places where we stayed. Denmark is an expensive country, with a local currency, but in local campsites it is required to buy a "map of the camper" if you have not got it yet (one card operates in all the country's campsites, so if anyone of your friends has such card, you can borrow it).

In the morning we discussed a further route. In general, I have seen everything in Denmark many times, so we go straight to Sweden, from Copenhagen on the bridge to Malmö, where we are met by severe Swedish girls
KTM here are not very welcome...
In addition to interesting architecture, Malmö has a technical museum with a submarine

There are very little motorcycles here

A short walk around the neighborhood of the museum - and we go to a camping on the south coast

We drove around the fields a bit on the way to the campsite

We checked in the southernmost point of Sweden

In the morning we wake up from the fact that motorcycles started to look into the tent. I can not get out before noon!

Morning yoga on the beach ... vacation, relax ...

For half an hour we visited a small technical museum Johannamuseet

Continue to go along the coast and stopped to walk around the castle Glimmingehus, and at the same time refresh yourselves at a local cafe.
The weather was very cold that evening, and we decided not to spend the night in a tent, but to pay a little for a small house, stuga in Swedish. We immediately liked the house, especially a price comparable to yesterday's stay in his own tent in a Danish camping.

The next morning we visited the museum of Husqvarna.

We spent the night in the most, perhaps, expensive campsite for the entire trip - almost 30 euros for two. But there were chic, comparable with the hotel, warm showers and everywhere the entrance by cards.
We had dinner with biker pasta

Approaching Stockholm, stopped to take a walk in the free analog of the famous Skansen - Torekallberg
And here is Stockholm. Several times we lost our way, but finally reached the ferry terminal. And we didn't get whether there is access via free roads. We did not understand whether motorcyclists should pay for using these roads and, if so, how to pay. Six months later, there were no receipts to the post office. Near the ferry terminal there is a photography museum, and next to it there is a strange "modern sculpture". Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to visit museum.

On this ferry there was no way to tie the motorcycles: neither the ropes, nor the rings, where they could be passed. Fortunately, the sea was calm, and in the morning we found our equipment in the same condition as left in the evening.
And, waiting for the sunset, went to sleep to gain strength in front of Finland. There will be a separate posting about it... later)

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