Kawasaki Ninja ZX-9R
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-9R
08 Apr 2018

Complete Rebuild

New wheel bearings front and rear $60
New steering stem bearings $45
Rebuilt front forks $50
New swing arm bearings and bushings $105
New brake rotors front and rear $300
Rebuilt front and rear calipers $50
Rebuilt clutch slave cylinder $25
New chain and sprockets $300
New tires front and rear $285
New throttle cables $25
New choke cable $12
New bar ends and grips $35
New brake and clutch levers $30
New windscreen $60
New rear shock adjustable links $55
New fuel pump $60
New fuel lines $20
New fuel petcock $30
New tank-10 yrs of bad gas trashed the tank! $400
New coolant hoses $90
New radiator cap $10
New water pump $60
New plugs $40
New plug wires $55
Oil and filter changed $30
All brake lines flushed $10
Rebuilt carbs stage 3 kit $110
Completely polished frame and swing arm $100
Polished rear subframe $0
Polished triple tree $0
Polished rear wheel complete $0
Polished front wheel partial $0

Total $2452.00

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  • Green Rob 08 Apr 2018
    2452$ + bike?in 10 years this bike will be antiques
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