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I got a new bike! :)
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Complete Rebuild
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New wheel bearings front and rear $60 New steering stem bearings $45 Rebuilt front forks $50 New swing arm bearings and bushings $105 New brake rotors front and rear $300 Rebuilt front and rear c... more
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Rear tire, sprocket, wheel
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Have the new rear tire, sprocket, wheel bearings, brake rotor, and bleed and flushed the rear brake system today. May get the front suspension done today too. It’s mighty cold in the garage today! The... more
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Front end is back together. I have a “roller” now. Goes just as fast as you can push her!
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Front wheel is done. New bearings, Avon 65, and rotors.Goes just as fast as you can push her!... more
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Got the rear suspension and new rear tire on her... more
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Finished the frame today.
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White Super Fine rouge and Zephyr Pro 40... more
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Fixing to start polishing the frame
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This should be hours of pure bliss.... more
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Making progress!
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Rear wheel as good as I can get to polish out. The cast aluminum on the spokes and hub are real pain!... more
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Starting to get down to the nitty gritty!
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A lot of maintenance to do including fork seals. Going to be lengthy project! But it's worth every single spare minute.... more
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Cleaning tank
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This will make you ill! I don't think sloshing a little bit of fresh petro is going to do any good. If my leg was long enough I'd kick my own ass, That's 8 years worth.... more
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