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Honda Grom MSX125 - Ginger
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It's the cock brake lever v2.0
Honda Grom MSX125 - Ginger
Honda Grom MSX125 - Ginger
2w ago

It's the cock brake lever v2.0

For the grom stuntin hand brake hero who aint afraid of no damn closet. This thing has been engineered from the base up to make hand brake sit down circles so easy you can do em with your eyes closed.
I don't know why this lever works so well but it fits perfect and I haven't been able to get it to snap yet 🤷‍♂️ a little sanding, then paint, and it will be off to its new owner... then I got 6 more to make 🤣
For the record I TRIED to make a dope finger lever but you guys INSISTED on the dicks!! 🤣

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