Kawasaki KLR 650 - #2
Kawasaki KLR 650 - #2
26 Dec 2021

After mods test

Took #2 the KLR650 out for a fuel up and shake down. She sounds more quiet as far as mechanical sounds thanks to a properly tensioned Counterbalancer chain.
Shifts nicer and pulls the front wheel easier due to the mods i did to the clutch.
Oil seems to be cleaner than in the past especially seeing as i was breaking in a new clutch pack - due to the 100% oil filtration mod.
Revs higher quicker due to less oil being thrown under the piston and less on the cylinder walls for the oil rings to scrape off. Also seems to have more power since the piston isn't being cooled as much by excessive oil under the piston and should show signs of better fuel economy. Should also consume less if not any oil for the same reasons.
Top end sounds more quiet /smoother since more oil is being diverted to the cam journals.
All in all some good first impressions.

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