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The top 10 electric motorcycles
The top 10 electric motorcycles
19 Oct 2017 Reviews and Test ride
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Many countries are already taking measures and setting the deadlines for switching to electric engines, the internal combustion engine is passing…. Here are a few bikes ready for the public road.36318259e8a7604795b.jpg

1) Zero SR99620159e8a79b6fd07.jpg

Zero SR. It’s quite a serial product, which has being sold in stores for a long time. The electric motor puts out the electric equivalent of 60 hp, but at the same time it has a decent torque, 143 Nm, so it puts out more torque than 1300 cc petrol-powered superbikes. As a result, its top speed is 102 mph and the Zero SR 0-60mph time of 3.3s is more than respectable. What is more important, the range of 197 miles with the optional power tank means you can use this bike without any extra charges. The motorcycle isn’t heavy, it weighs only 185 kg. The price is $15,000

2)Lighting LS21855367859e8a7f07c352.jpg

The Lightning LS218 is the world’s fastest electric motorcycle, where the number 218 means the top speed in miles per hour ((350 km/h). It’s not surprising, as it comes with the electric equivalent of 200 hp and 226 Nm of torque, while it weighs only 210 kg. Someone Jay Leno broke through the 60mph mark in two seconds on this bike. With all its outstanding standards, Lightning LS 218 is not cheap. Its retail price starts at $ 38,888.

3)Alta Motos Redshift MX23516959e8a8731389d.jpg

Like any cross motorcycle it’s less powerful than previous bikes. It comes with the electric equivalent of 40 hp and 51 Nm of torque, but these characteristics are quite nice and the weight of 111 kg is normal for this class. Although, for example, a petrol-powered KTM 450 weighs 100 kg dry. Alta Motors has also a supermoto on the same platform. The real range in enduro mode was estimated by Cycle World magazine in real 60 miles, pretty decent for a hard enduro. Besides, the rider Jeff Allen mentioned a lot of compliments about how this thing is going. Honestly, Alta Motos Redshift MX isn’t cheap at all, almost $14,000, while its petrol-powered analogs cost about $9,000.

4) APWorks Light Rider97278659e8a8b8c4e2d.jpg

APWorks Light Rider refers rather to aesthetic products made in small series to show the technological abilities of the manufacturer. Such things can be bought, but you can hardly expect them to be a daily vehicle. As well as to believe that if something has broken down, it will be repaired in an hour and by the first call, but such things are original, beautiful and interesting. The Light Rider is made by AP Works company from a new material called Scalmalloy with the help of 3D printing. As a result, the full-sized bike weighs an incredulous 35 kg. The motor produces just 10 hp, the top speed is 49 mph, and the range is just 43 miles. The company is owned by Airbus, and the price of $50,000 is relevant to the owner. They say, it’s really expensive as the numbers are strictly limited (20 pieces).

5) Victory Empulse TT


Victory Empulse TT is manufactured by the long-suffering American motor company Victory. The motor produces 40kW, 54 hp. Its top speed is 100 mph, and provides more than 140 miles of range. It has intense competition from the Zero line-up. The price of Victory Empulse TT is $19,999, although its characteristics are lower than Zero SR but weighs almost 50 kg more than Zero.

6) Energia EGO54508659e8a9d2e6995.jpg

This Italian superbike, which has been made for six years already, isn’t cheap, £24,999. The 136 hp motor comes with 193 Nm of torque. It weighs 270 kg, a lot for the superbike. Nevertheless, it hits 60 mph in 3 seconds and the top speed is 150mph. And it’s really beautiful, like everything Italian.

7) Brutus V939044259e8aa53a8df7.jpg

Some people want a chopper and Brutus is there to cater to your needs. It’s unusual and funny for electric motorcycles. Brutus V9 comes with a 125 hp motor and 375 Nm of torque. The battery (33.7kW/h) gives it a city range of 280 miles. It weighs 355 kg and the starting price of $32,490.

8) Lito Sora12947959e8aa75afce9.jpg

The Lito Sora has been made since 2014. It hits 60mph in 3.5 seconds. It has a range of 185 miles. There are cute touches, too, including a touchscreen, an electrically adjustable seat (and it’s for a motorcycle!), voice control, carbon-fiber body and a stunning-brutal look. The price is $36,000.

9) Motorman73104759e8aa9d5b201.jpg

The Motorman is one Dutchman’s answer, and it’s simply stunning. It is a purely urban vehicle. The Motorman does 28mph and has a range of 43 miles. The motorcycle weighs 45 kg and costs €4,700.

10) Yamaha PES2 Street Sport


This motorcycle is just a concept and you can’t buy it right now. Besides, Yamaha just has to build it, as it’s a sketch. It’s a two-wheel-drive motorcycle and it’ll weigh less than 130 kg. We don’t know for sure, if it’s going to be built. And now we have just a picture of it.

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