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Crash Statistics for the 2017 MotoGP Season
Crash Statistics for the 2017 MotoGP Season
22 Dec 2017 Moto sport
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On average, a Honda rider was almost twice as likely to fall compared with a Yamaha rider during the 2017 MotoGP season.

  • But Aprilia riders suffered almost three times the accident average of those at Yamaha.2164435a3d51f0031b8.jpgDorna records each accident during a grand prix weekend, but because & the number of full-time riders at each manufacturer varies from two to & eight, an average is needed:

    Aprilia: 50 falls during the season / 2 full-time bikes =25.0 (falls per bike average)
  • Honda: 84 falls / 5 bikes = 16.8
  • Suzuki: 25 falls / 2 bikes = 12.5
  • Ducati: 97 falls / 8 bikes = 12.1
  • KTM: 18 falls / 2 bikes = 9.0
  • Yamaha: 35 falls / 4 bikes = 8.8

Falls by wild-card riders were not included, since they were on machines that did not do the full season.

Accidents by replacement riders were included above. For example, & falls for Jonas Folger and his replacements Kohta Nozane, Broc Parkes & and Michael van der Mark were all totalled together as one full-time & bike.2123785a3d521919515.jpg7936015a3d5220be72e.jpg

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