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Reviews and Test ride
Suzuki presents a limited edition GSX-R 1000 R Origins 2018.
Suzuki presents a limited edition GSX-R 1000 R Origins 2018.
31 Mar 2018 Reviews and Test ride

Suzuki likes to cultivate the image of its most famous icon: the GSX-R. Especially that of the very first, the mother of the modern sports, the lighthouse of a generation: the 750 of 1985. That year when Marty McFly left in the past to return in the future, the chrono put a blow of accelerator; and it is this memory that the brand continues to perpetrate here. For this very special GSX-R 1000 R, the colors of the vintage blend with a rich endowment. The name also wants to be trendy. So make room for the racing fury with this Suzuki GSX-R 1000 R "ORIGINS".


A sports label rather than an appellation. Who takes over the senatorial noun "Anniversaries". Like his predecessor, the "30th Anniversary". And yet, despite the years and versions, we do not get tired of this decor very kitsch, very teenager, audio cassette and Super with lead. A perfect mimicry takes place between the original and the last descendant adorned here. Everything is there, the charm, the azure strokes, the whiteness, the tooth-crunched road - except for the small grain of impertinence missing: it would have been welcome to adopt a blue saddle and a gray-colored frame metal, as before, as before ...


Suzuki France took care of the presentation. Appearance counts, details a lot, and we're asking for something to look pretty nowadays. In 1985, you wanted a pot, some bad cams, a Ricard and a cigarette. This time, we're still waiting for a pot but next door, some decorations, a little precious material, a guava juice and an electronic taf.


The workshops adapt. The GSX-R 1000 Origins embeds enough to please. A nice exhaust Yosh ....... Uh no, a carbon Akrapovic. The Slovenian brand knows the job and will make everyone smile. As she likes to tease, Madame watts also embarks a nice lot of parts sometimes racing sometimes flashing:

  • Adjustable racing footrest
  • Aluminum plate support
  • Double curvature bubble
  • Passenger seat cover
  • Carbon front air intakes
  • Carbon side covers
  • Numbered plate
  • Adjustable brake and clutch levers
  • Protections of levers alu / teflon
  • Anodized aluminum chain tensioner
  • Anodized aluminum oil cap
  • GSX-R tank protection
  • GSX-R valve caps
  • Workshop stand + diabolos
  • GSX-R cover

1327115abedf2752c47.jpgAnd where are the original parts? Nearby ; in a wooden bass drum that Suz took care of numbered as well.How so too? The number of copies is limited? Yes, at exactly 33. The number of years separating the two heroines from this chapter. Each GSX-R 1000 R Origins will show its number in the series on a plate affixed to the tank.
Light worry, the price is leaping. This mix of exclusivity and nostalgia is getting expensive. The fever of the wallet however will rise less quickly than the dose of adrenaline once the engine in action. Because under the dress of the 80s, it is a barrel of powder that never slumbers. The legend just takes the time to get a toilet before exploding another time.

9488775abedf517fa58.jpgEngine:4 Cylinders online, 4 stroke
Cooling: by water
999.8 cc
Operating weight: 203 kg








2 64K
  • Mayo 31 Mar 2018
    Sick GSXR!
  • Balint 05 Apr 2018
    This is great and something unique,honda kawasaki,yamaha should also do something like this
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