Harley-Davidson can become a victim of a millennial psychology
Harley-Davidson can become a victim of a millennial psychology
12 Feb 2019 Others
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According to data of financial company UBS, investigating why Harley-Davidson shares fell by 32 % in the last 12 months led to unexpected results. The survey of 2,000 people aged 21-34 years was carried out.


It turns out that the psychology of youth has changed so much that it threatens the future of tourist models and expensive motorcycles, including cruisers.If older customers decide to buy such bikes as they think they are cool or consider motorcycle rides as a hobby, then millennials (born in the late 80s and early 90s) consider buying a bike for "ease of transportation”. Thus, they would rather give preference to scooters and compact models, which are considered more practical in terms of fuel consumption, parking space, etc.

In addition, as the survey shows, the younger generation does not want to buy motorcycles or scooters at all. They prefer to rent electric models.

Harley-Davidson reported that the company has already made an effort to attract a new generation of riders and is working on some new and cool projects. “In fact, our knowledge of riders informed our strategy to build the next generation of Harley-Davidson riders globally”, - the manufacturer points out.

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