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1957 Isle of Man TT. Behind the scenes

Several shots of motorcycles from 1957 Isle of Man TT


You’ll find here not the photos of the race itself, but only the participating motorcycles near their garages.

8473375c8fc0f96821b.jpgDennis Christian’s AJC 7R 350cc sportbike of those years with a huge fairing

125cc Cecil Stanford’sMondial.Stanford was a two-time winner of this prestigious race, but not on this bike. The first time he won in 1952 on a 125cc MV Augusta,the second time - in 1957in the 250cc category. This is a Mondial 250.



1520155c8fc170a72e6.jpgWalter Zeller and his BMW. Here the bike is more powerful, and its appearance is more impressive.

5352175c8fc192d3cd9.jpgThe same BMW. The fairing was taken off.

9143035c8fc1a7e11c7.jpgFrank Cope on his 125cc MVAugusta with a number plate with an opportunity to ride on public roads.

9374885c8fc1ca71838.jpgIn the garage before the race. We see two Norton motorcycles, where the fairings were installed.

7717545c8fc1e042807.jpgThe same semi-assembled Nortons from a different angle

That’s all. Credit:mortonsarchive