1973 Harley Davidson Shortster, a Mini-Bike Father and Son Alike Can Drool Over
1973 Harley Davidson Shortster, a Mini-Bike Father and Son Alike Can Drool Over
27 Feb 2022 Others
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Unbeknownst to even some hardcore Harley fans, the all-American motorcycle maker acquired the Italian motorbike firm, Aermacchi, back in 1960, purchasing a 50% ownership in the company was the start of some creative bikes. This little-known partnership that should have been a landmark in the industry was the main impetus for dipping their toes into the boutique micro-bike market when they may have never even spit in that direction.


Seeing the first light of day in the 1972 model, the MC-65 Shortster would only last a single year before being buffed with a more robust 90cc, upgrading from a 68 cc unit. That model would debut a year later with a bike called the X-90. Basic frame architectures between the two bikes were very similar. But the X-90 is overall the more well-known and more desired of the two. That isn't saying much, though, because we're sure average non-enthusiast folks never even fathomed that Harley Davidson would even attempt such a puny platform.


But make no bones about it, this is as much a Harley&&&& as any snarling V-twin custom chopper you see hauling you-know-what across highways all over America, and some other places too, for that matter. This particular example comes to us via Craiglist of Southern California with just over 1,500 miles on the tiny odometer. It's not in perfect condition, but the seller claims it was taken out of dry storage just before the listing was uploaded to the internet.


Everything on the bike looks to at least be in decent shape. For $2,500 out the door, it could wind up being a pretty decent buy. The link to the listing may be dead at the moment. But who knows if it actually sold or not? In any case, this is a collector's item that's probably destined to be passed around quite a bit. It will probably turn up again sometime soon, and this time, you'll be prepared. You're welcome.

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