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RGNT Motorcycles presented renewed Classic and Scrambler models at French flagshipstore in Paris
RGNT Motorcycles presented renewed Classic and Scrambler models at French flagshipstore in Paris
18 Apr 2022 First Look
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In Paris, on April 14, RGNT Motorcycles opened its French flagship store and at the same time presented its new model range for 2022. The existing Classic and Scrambler models have been updated and upgraded, with even more forward-looking technology and a refined style.


The instrument panel has been completely redesigned and reprogrammed, giving riders a better connection to the bike, with even more personalization options. The new thumb-operated joystick makes it easier to safely interact with the cluster while riding, giving riders more options to enhance their riding experience.

RGNT CEO Måns Danielsson: “At RGNT we believe really great design must be both functional and beautiful, whilst stirring up emotion. We are proud to be launching our 2.0 line-up of light and nimble electric motorcycles in one of the most electrifying cities in the world: Paris. In our flagship store, 112 Boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris, we will be presenting our completely updated take on our Classic and Scrambler models. Both models have matured in design, and true to our self-confident design vision, both models now have even more in-house developed components”.


The RGNT engineering team has been working hard to improve the all new RGNT app. Through the app, riders can now get real-time updates on charging status and remaining charge time, battery range and motorcycle bike location. The vehicle itself receives regular over-the-air updates, reducing the effort for riders to keep the bike up to date. The design philosophy behind this app is simple: ‘ultimate ease of use’. The app guides riders in their journey to ultimate motorcycle maintenance. An important part of this is treating the battery in such a way that it extends its life, in addition to signalling when predictive maintenance is required.


The 2.0 motorbikes offer even more punch. Improvements to the powertrain and efficiency lead to less heat generated, meaning less energy wasted. This results in even more energy becoming available for performance. The nominal power will be upgraded from 7.7 to 9.5 kWh. RGNT has added a new Boost mode to the existing ‘Power’ and ‘Range’ riding modes. In Boost mode, the motorcycle temporarily offers a peak power of +20 kW with a twist of the “accelerator”. In addition, RGNT also introduces driving and braking with one hand movement. Turn the throttle the other way and it brakes.

The new design gives the motorcycles an even more distinctive look, while improving handling and steering performance. The available color palette for the tanks has been updated, with a chrome/black and for the Scrambler the chrome/red as standout colours. Following the RGNT design philosophy, the tanks are formed from sheet steel for durability and style.


The suspension system is produced by the Italian craftsmen of Paioli. They own the rights to build the classic Ceriani forks from the 1960’s. Classic elegance is combined here with modern performance. Each aluminum fork is hand polished in Italy.

The RGNT styling team understood that motorcycle seats add a natural, emotional touch to any beautiful bike. That’s why they teamed up with one of Sweden’s oldest leather suppliers, Tjärnsjö (founded 1873) to create premium vegetable-tanned leather saddles.


The RGNT team has also collaborated with Hedon, the leading luxury British manufacturer of handmade helmets, and Malle London to create a range of stylish leather bags and panniers. Later this year, RGNT will offer even more new custom accessories, such as tank pads, a headlight grill and more.

The rims of the RGNT Classic are chrome, with stainless steel spokes. They are strung by hand by Swedish craftsmen. The Scrambler is fitted with rims from Japanese powerhouse Excel, the company that has been making premium (and championship-winning) rims since 1932.


Perhaps the biggest change to the 2022 models is the triangular airbox area. It now shows even more maturity and muscle strength. The new triangle has a cargo area (moved out of the tank) where riders can also charge their smartphone.

For ultimate rider safety, RGNT has installed an advanced combined braking system. Engaging one of the brake levers activates both the front and rear brakes. Additional force can be applied to the front brakes via the right lever for even more direct braking power.


Both RGNT models now have keyless ride and steering lock so riders can just push the button and go. The new on-board charger halves the charging time by 100% and the motorcycle can be charged at any socket and charging station (type 2). The instrument panel has been completely redesigned, while a new loudspeaker for low-speed sounds improves pedestrian safety.


As of April 14, 2022, the RGNT No.1 Classic SEL (Sport Extended Limited) will be available from € 14,495. The RGNT No.1 Scrambler SEL (Sport Extended Limited) starts at € 15.495. The production of the No. 1 SEL is limited to a total of 50 bikes.

Credit: Thepack, RGNT Motorcycles

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