Ride To Work Day 2022
Ride To Work Day 2022
17 Jun 2022 Others
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Ride To Work Day started in 1992, and the Ride To Work non-profit organization was created in 2000 to manage awareness efforts. Each year, Ride To Work Day participants commute on their motorcycles and scooters in a display of solidarity and visibility around the world. The organization’s mission is “advocating and supporting the use of motorcycles and scooters for transportation, and providing information about everyday utility riding to the public.” That’s a cause all riders can get behind. (Don’t miss Common Tread’s interview article with Ride To Work organizer and AeroStich founder Andy Goldfine.)


Ride To Work Day in the remote/hybrid work age

Since the arrival of the COVID-19 virus and its subsequent variants, many workplaces have transitioned to fully remote or hybrid models. Even if you won’t be commuting on June 20, that doesn’t mean you can’t help the cause of Ride To Work Day. Andy Goldfine says that even a short ride to get some ice cream puts you and your motorcycle in the public eye. If your job allows you to choose your remote work days, consider riding to the office on Monday to support Ride To Work’s cause. For those readers north of the equator, it’s the second-longest day of the year, so you’ll have plenty of daylight after work for more motorcycling. (And ice cream!)

Definitely working from home? A quick break from work for a motorcycle ride may benefit more than Ride To Work Day. Research conducted by Microsoft on remote/hybrid work behavior supports short breaks throughout the day to manage stress and energy levels. Motorcycling may not be a suitable substitute for a therapist, but it can certainly be therapeutic as Dr. Lewis Kaplan explored in an article for Common Tread.

Whether working remotely or doing the daily commute, we can all use a little motorcycling and a good cause. Visit ridetowork.org for more information and a large collection of resources for advocates of motorcycling.

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