Custom Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 "Grasshopper" by Analog Motorcycles
Custom Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 "Grasshopper" by Analog Motorcycles
25 Jun Custom
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Hailing from Tennessee’s prestigious Analog Motorcycles, the custom gem featured in these photos was once a bone-stock 2019 Royal Enfield Continental GT 650. It now calls itself the “Grasshopper,” and you’re about to find out what the Analog squad did in order to make this astounding transformation possible. Spoiler alert: we’ve got a lot to cover!


Let us start by having a gander at the powertrain department, where Tony Prust’s specialists installed a handmade exhaust that ends in dual Cone Engineering mufflers right below the tail. On the other hand, the OEM airbox was promptly deleted in favor of top-grade air filters from K&N’s catalog. A smooth Motion Pro throttle runs the show based on rider inputs, and there’s custom wiring all-around.


There is nothing too wild about the mods listed thus far, but the work performed on the GT 650’s chassis is far more extensive. In terms of suspension, we now find a KTM’s inverted forks sporting Race Tech internals up front, along with progressive shock absorbers built to spec by Hyper Pro down south. Unsprung territory is occupied by 17-inch wheels cloaked in Michelin’s grippy Pilot Power RS rubber.


For more stopping power than the humble Enfield will ever need, Analog had its front hoop fitted with a fresh brake disc and a beefy six-piston caliper from Beringer. To be fair, we do think this mod is a bit of an overkill on the 47-hp donor chosen for the project, but more than necessary is certainly better than not enough!


Opting to retain the standard fuel tank, the lads focused their attention on fabricating a groovy tail section out of aluminum, then they’ve topped it off with LED lighting and a unique saddle upholstered by a Chicago-based expert. At the front end, you’ll spot an angular fender sitting right below the Grasshopper’s one-off headlight surround, and the headlamp itself was supplied by Denali.


We now arrive at the bike’s cockpit area, finding an inconspicuous Motogadget Motoscope Mini speedometer and Magura’s X-Line SX handlebar. The latter bears Oury grips, radial master cylinders and a single CRG mirror mounted on the right-hand side. Lastly, things are wrapped up by a stunning two-tone color scheme, courtesy of Artistimo Custom Design.


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