Harley-Davidson Sportster SPS 1250 Looks Like That Firefighting Tank, Only on Two Wheels
Harley-Davidson Sportster SPS 1250 Looks Like That Firefighting Tank, Only on Two Wheels
10 Aug Custom
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If you’ve been following us here at autoevolution this past weekend, then you’re familiar with Big Wind, a Russian T-34-base firefighting rig powered by a couple of MiG-21 turbojet engines.


Somehow, this thing, one of Thunderbike’s latest custom projects (shown at the end of July), reminds one of the Big Wind rig. The two-wheeler, called SPS 1250, is based on Harley-Davidson’s newest motorcycle, the Sporster S.


The goal of the custom project was to show the world Thunderbike’s latest offering of parts, but what came out at the other end of the customization process is simply stunning, as the bike now looks shorter, stubbier, and much more powerful than stock.


The front is much more packed together than in stock form, with lowered handlebars, new grips, and relocated turn signals. Moving toward the rear, we get to see custom covers in all the right places (for the pulley, clutch, ignition, alternator, and swing axle), the original exhaust system running high up close to the seat, and the stock rear wheel which, just like the front one, was wrapped in a gold paint.


It's probably the paint, together with the overall shape of this aggressive-looking bike, that reminds of the Big Wind. The paint job comprises the said gold hue on the wheels, but also a combination between dark red and black, and it’s a design dreamed by Thunderbike’s favorite partner when it comes to paint jobs, Ingo Kruse.


In all, the German garage used some 20 custom parts for the Sportster, which together amount to just around 5,000 euros, which at current exchange rates is about the same in dollars.



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