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Rieju presents its new electric enduro eMR
Rieju presents its new electric enduro eMR
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Rieju is a Spanish family business that was born in 1934 by two young entrepreneurs: Don Luis Riera Carré and Don Jaime Juanola Farrés, who began their business adventure with the manufacture of bicycle accessories. From the merger of the two surnames, the brand Rieju (Riera+Juanola) was born.


Today, Rieju has an extensive ICE all-road range (MRT, Tango, and top evolutions of the PRO range in 50cc. 2T and 125cc. 4T), plus the Century 125 model, a motorcycle inspired by the mythical Rieju 175 and complemented by 100% electric vehicles, all of them highly accepted in markets such as Germany, Spain or France and manufactured in Spain, under a solid business structure with ecological awareness, in which 20,000 motorcycles/year are produced.


Since March 2020 Rieju is the owner of the enduro platform of the Catalan company Torrot. The 2T models are now marketed under the Rieju brand. The operation includes the intellectual and industrial platform of the Torrot enduro platform. With that platform, and under the GasGas brand, Torrot launched the 2019 models of the 2T range in 250 and 300 cc. EC, XC and GP in 2017, and added the Ranger model at the end of 2019, selling those bikes in more than 50 countries.

Since March 2020 Rieju manufactures these models and strengthens its position in the off-road sector, expanding its current range of engines with higher displacement 2 stroke models. Example of this are the models MR Racing 250 and 300 cc, the MR Pro at 250 and 300cc and the MR Ranger at 200 and 300cc. And today Rieju presents an electric enduro:



Showing a clear commitment to developing its Hard Enduro models and preparing them for the future, Rieju presents its new Electric eMR, a motorcycle that combines the virtues of one of the best Enduro platforms on the market with the silent running and zero emissions of its light and powerful electric motor with great battery range, which allows to enter unexplored territories in a sustainable way, performing as an authentic Enduro competition bike.



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