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Kawasaki and Adidas Created the ZX22 Sneaker, Here's How To Get a Pair
Kawasaki and Adidas Created the ZX22 Sneaker, Here's How To Get a Pair
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The ZX Series is one of the most well-known and easy-to-recognize Adidas collections. Thanks to the stripes, cool color schemes, and attractive prices, this series is also very popular with customers of the German brand.


Enter Kawasaki. Now, we know brands are an intangible asset. Public perception matters a lot and that’s why some companies end up selling only the name of a product sometimes and not everything associated with it. So, Kawasaki working together with Adidas is a great idea for their fans and those interested in enjoying something created by companies that they like.


The Adidas ZX22 Kawasaki is the result of the latest collaboration between the two entities. Now we have a shoe presented in silver, green, and black. The fading color scheme provides an interesting look and reflects one of the most popular Kawasaki shades – the golden brazed green. To add a drop of practicality, the three stripes that help identify any Adidas product are reflective.


The sneakers also come with cushioned mid-soles and inserts that help you put a little bit less effort into walking. Rubber out-soles promise durability. All this comes at a starting price of $151 on Kawasaki's official online shop. Sizes vary from 6.5 to 13.

The best thing about it is that you buy two pairs of ZX22 sneakers, then you get 10% off by typing in the “GOGREEN10” discount code. It applies only for purchases that are over $250, that’s why you should get two ZX22s.


Lastly, there’s a warning added to these shoes that you should know about. It says “cancer and reproductive harm”& at the end of the product description. This is due to the Proposition 65 requirements. The law is officially known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 and forces businesses to tell Californians if their products can cause exposure to harmful chemicals.


California’s government says that these types of warnings indicate that a business “is aware or believes that it is exposing individuals to one or more listed chemicals.” Proposition 65 is enforced by the Attorney General, district attorneys, city attorneys, and any other citizen that can file a lawsuit in case they suspect something in this regard.


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  • I love ❤️ Adidas. They r the only sneakers 👟 I wear. I will hv to add these to my collection.
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