MV Agusta beauties on RSBK Moscow Raceway
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I am in love with this beast M109R 2007
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Question about a salvage title
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A guy on Craigslist is selling a 02 Honda VTX 1800 with about 16,000 miles for $3300. It seemed like an ok deal but he mentioned in the post that it has a "rebuilt" title due to the bike bei... more
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Super Naked
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Thinking about adding a naked to the garage. Any opinions on everyone’s favorite?... more
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Doesn’t Matter
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It doesn’t matter what kind of bike that you have. The only thing that matter is the people on them. I think sometimes as motorcycle riders we focus on what kind of bike that people have and not the p... more
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Learning balance point - is it 100% guaranteed you will crash?
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My wife has a 97 Kawasaki Eliminator 600. So far, I can bring it up, to about 1 o'clock highest, then I let off the throttle and/or back brake to bring it down but it comes down hard. I'm wondering if... more
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Setting up your helmet
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here are a few tips for setting up your helmet for vlogging... more
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My main lady
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This is a 2015 Hayabusa 1340cc I am first owner I have not done much work on it other then full racing exhaust... more
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My m109r it's a beast
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Hayabusa wind therapy
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Get in the wind... more
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Sunday wind therapy
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Sunday wind therapy... more
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How to you guys install modifications or work on your bike without a garage?
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So basically today I was working on my bike a bit (just cleaning and installing frame sliders and a USB charger, basic stuff) and my HOA fined me because that’s not allowed. I can’t even wash it. D... more
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Peer Support Group for Motorcyclistz
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This is a peer support group meeting for riders who may have been injured in a motorcycle accident, involved in a motorcycle accident as a passenger, or have loved ones who have been involved in an mo... more
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Few Pics
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Vyrus bikes on RSBK Moscow Raceway
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The very best shots of a championship Sunday in Thailand
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Espresso & Italian bikes
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Almost 30 bikes and scoots along to celebrate 12 months of Espresso & Italians this morning...Aprilia, Moto Guzzi MV Agusta, Lambretta, Vespa and Ducati all represented... a happy crowd including... more
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Lessons/Rules I have learned from 30 years of riding.
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I have been riding all sorts of motorcycles for 30 years, off-road, on road, superbikes, cruisers, choppers, dual sport, tourers you name it. And here are a few lessons I have learned through the year... more
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