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18 Nov
Why do YOU ride a motorcycle?

Post the reasons you ride

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  • Godin Jacques Nov 18 04:58 GTM
    I ride because this is the only form of freedom in a ever changing world .!
  • AAA Nov 18 14:32 GTM
    the thrill of acceleration while overtaking a long line of cars and lorries, leaning into the bends at speed.
  • Victoria Nov 18 20:04 GTM
    It's the only time I'm completely alone.
  • beemerrider Nov 19 02:30 GTM
    Wind therapy after a busy day.
  • Supermoto Informer Magazine Nov 19 05:51 GTM
    It's a lot more than a hobby.
  • dwayneclark61 Nov 20 04:22 GTM
    It’s the only freedom that one can get with their knees in the breeze cheapest therapy going around and I don’t just like riding around the block
  • Reaver Nov 29 21:23 GTM
    It is not just fun, or therapeutic. When I ride, I am free. Albeit the dangers, the challenge is half the excitement. Riding is a lifestyle. One that many live. The community of bikers are the friendliest of people. Which makes the best of friends/family one can ever ask for in their lifetime.
    Ride or die 💯
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