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New Rider New Bike!
Ed MFN Gessner
Ed MFN Gessner
27 Aug 2020

New Rider New Bike!

I couldn’t be happier with my choice in bikes! I hope to continue to learn and enjoy riding with friends and family. My first day of riding one of my friends hit a ditch. I contemplated taking the bike back but I hadn’t had the opportunity to ride with my father yet. The next day I bit the bullet and rode to my fathers. We had a great ride and I’m glad I chose to stick with it!

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  • Karl Janzik 27 Aug 2020
    pretty big for your first bike, take it easy and get some advanced rider training, never stop learning. just because you pass your test ( if thats what you need to do where your from) does not make you a good rider. ive been riding for 25 years, Ive learnt more in the last 5 through rider training than I did in the previous 20 years. amazing that I didn't kill myself. Keep learning and enjoy
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