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Electric Baxley Moto Concept
Green Rob
Green Rob
12 Jan 2021

Electric Baxley Moto Concept

This job goes to Hollywood designer Shane Baxley, known for his edgy automotive renders that often divide popular opinion but never fail to create a stir online. His most recent concept is for an electric motorcycle with not just one, but two hubless wheels, aptly called the Baxley Moto.

The Baxley Moto is the answer to every rider’s question, in pixel form: it’s electric (and, since it’s just a render, it probably delivers impressive range), it’s robust and functional, it’s edgy and elegant to stand out on city streets, but also aggressive enough to look at home should the rider venture offroad with it. More importantly, it’s hubless, with both the rear and front wheel displaying orbital wheels, which means it commands attention wherever it goes.

Unlike other hubless concepts, the Baxley Moto uses a two-sided swing arm that is connected to the inside of the wheel at three points, both at the front and rear. The result is an overall bike that, at the very least, looks as if it could handle without issue regardless of terrain – an impression further enforced by the big treated tires. This thing is designed with daredevils in mind.

Again, unlike other renders, it’s also designed with considerable attention to detail. True standouts are the single seat at the very short, suspended rear and the hunched-forward riding position, protruding crash pads, the carbon fiber monocoque frame, and classic-looking instrument in the cockpit, which strikes a contrasting but not unwelcome note with everything else.

Baxley Moto might be an all-electric bike from the future, but its design is infused with an industrial, punk rock edge, which would have made it a looker even without the hubless wheels. Despite the aggressive presence, there is a certain balance in the design, which is equal parts curvy and angular.

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