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Evo triangle and the lake 2nd trip of the year 😁 (ish)
20 Apr

Evo triangle and the lake 2nd trip of the year 😁 (ish)

"Boy and their toys" I can think of many things to do after work but nothing is better than jumping on the bike and just riding. Been in North wales I'm not far of some fantastic places, Chester, Liverpool and Manchester are all close by but go the other way and it's like finding yourself in the middle of nowhere. The evo triangle is known to many and even more so the local police but even now with all the average speed cameras around it's still a very nice hot spot for fast cars and bike just out to take in some fantastic views. Just under an hour from home this is a great place to just get away from it all and relax. Although this wasn't a huge adventure or a big ride out it was still nice to just take some time to get away and have a ride in the sun 😎

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