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Here's Batman's new Batcycle from "The Flash"
Ronaldo Scacchi
Ronaldo Scacchi
04 Aug 2021

Here's Batman's new Batcycle from "The Flash"

Batman may be getting a new two-wheeled ride for new superhero movie "The Flash," which is scheduled to premiere in 2022.

While "The Flash" focuses on a different DC Comics superhero (one who doesn't need a car or bike, thanks to super speed), Batman is expected to make an appearance. The Flash Film News recently tweeted photos from the movie's set showing the Caped Crusader and a new motorcycle.

The bike looks heavily armed, and also appears to have two front tires placed close together, not unlike the arrangement used for the Viper V-10-powered Dodge Tomahawk concept. The new Batcycle is also a lot chunkier looking than the Batpod from Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" trilogy.

In addition to appearing in "The Flash," Gotham City's favorite son is also getting a new solo movie titled simply "The Batman," with its own new vehicles.

They include a Batcyle, different from the one shown here. Photos and video taken on set show what looks like a modified production bike. Little else is known about this Batcyle, which has only been briefly glimpsed so far.

"The Batman" will also feature a new Batmobile, which looks like a 1960s muscle car modified with a mid-engine configuration. Eschewing the streamlined looks and futuristic tech of previous Batmobiles, photos and the movie's trailer show an exposed V-configuration piston engine sitting out back, and the whole car has the look of something that was fabricated by hand in a garage. "The Batman" is scheduled to reach theaters in October 2021, after coronavirus-related delays.

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