Godin Jacques
Godin Jacques
31 Oct 2021

What about you?

A motorcyclist doesn’t need a reason to ride, not even a place. He just needs to be able to ride.
He doesn’t need a route, he just needs a direction. A motorcyclist doesn’t ride to “escape”. For he knows, soon enough, his cares are powerless against the wind and his motorcycle.
With that, I would like to dedicate the following to all those who ride and have found life fulfilled on two wheels.
“Why Do I Ride”
There it sits patiently waiting for me. She glistens in the morning sunlight that filters into the garage. My heart already begins to race in anticipation as I slide into the saddle. I turn the key, push the magic button and the giant awakens from its slumber. Its powerful and enthusiastic rumble crackles the morning silence.
I meticulously glide along in command of it all. On top of the world, my senses are aroused to a whole new level, as we confidently roll along. The smells and sights capture my attention as if coming to life for the first time. Together we run through the paces.
Now we’re cutting through the air with the greatest of ease. But the stallion is chomping at the bit to be free. So I settle deeper in the saddle, pull the throttle back and let the horses run. It’s like saying, let’s see what you got! The beast beneath me responds effortlessly as if to say … bring it on!
While we slice through the air, the cares of this world begin to fall off. The wind pulls back the weight that’s on my shoulders. Unable to hold on, they lose their clutches and now they’re gone. Now THIS is riding! Now I’m focused. Now I’m free.
I’ve heard it’s good for an old motor to get it out on the road and open it up. It cleans it out … the build up and deposits, that is. That’s what happens to this old guy. The power and freedom of riding cleans my soul.
My motorcycle is my sanctuary. So why do I ride? The better question is why do I ever get off?

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  • Danny 4D's 31 Oct 2021
    that's the Beuty of being a Rider 😏
  • Waiman Wu 03 Nov 2021
    Ride On
  • Tucker 09 Nov 2021
    I feel this! 💛
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