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First ride of 2022.
2 months ago

First ride of 2022.

Decided to chance a short ride to Baffle Haus this afternoon. I invited a couple of mates to join me but they were busy being boring and didn’t want to go. To be fair, that’s mean, they had other things going on and could make it.

It wasn’t amazing weather but was probably the best day we’ve had in quite a few weeks now.

I almost didn’t go after my riding buddies said they couldn’t make it but it’s the last day of my break and I’m back at work tomorrow - so better to regret going than regret not going, I figured.

Fairly uneventful ride although the roads were very wet in places and it did rain a few times.

Good! I’m not keen on riding in the rain but the experience was needed to boost my wet weather confidence a bit.

Really enjoyed the ride and being back on the bike again; it’s been a few weeks since I last went out.

The bike and I really needed a good bath by the time we got home, that’s the biggest drawback of this time of year.

Still, the shortest day has passed so evenings will start drawing out and it’s only another 12 weeks until the clocks change. We should have some better weather by then too.

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