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And to Think I Outran the Storm
2 months ago

And to Think I Outran the Storm

I had to race down to the Miami area for a 1pm delivery yesterday. On my way down, I learned the clock wasn't my only opponent. A hurricane was on its way in. I managed to go for 1 1/2 hours behind schedule to about 10 minutes ahead of schedule as I pulled into Pompano Beach.

Then came the real challenge - getting far enough north to beat the storm and my clock before running out of time on my electronic logbook. Oh! And getting a load to pick up to go back to North Carolina.

Florida looks like a nice place, but it's actually kind of bad if you're traveling by tractor-trailer. Backhauls are hard to come by in this state, and it's the hardest state in the south to find a place to park a rig.

Anyway, I got ahead of the storm last night, but didn't get a backhaul. The storm caught up to me this morning, and now I'm getting slammed by wind and rain whipping my rig like a flag.

See this map. Yeah. I'm in Jacksonville. If I'm understanding what I see correctly, I'm gonna be in this for a while. I guess it could be worse. I certainly wouldn't want to be on the ocean right about now.

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  • Tony 2 months ago
    Be safe out there. I drive one also been in Amarillo Texas and 50mph winds.
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