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Building a Cafe Racer out of a 1979 Kawasaki KZ750
Kawasaki Z750
Kawasaki Z750
06 Dec 2020

Building a Cafe Racer out of a 1979 Kawasaki KZ750

Here are some more pictures of how the bike looked before the rebuild.

Before rebuilding the bike. I ride a motorcycle and realized that this is what i need. Well and then went to the creative process. It is clear from the photo.

Form a container for electrica and battery was made out of cardboard packaging. Then this form was applied epoxy and fiberglass.

The bike is planned for 2 people. The passenger seat will be covered with a removable cover. "Clipon" was made according to my drawings at the factory.

Multi-function electronic instrument panel I bought the catalog LOUIS. Bracket for panel I cut from a sheet of aluminum. Headlight from a YAMAHA Virago.

For the manufacture of fiberglass parts i used construction polystyrene.Easy to work with and retains its shape.

As a separation layer I used a thick soapsuds. Soap better be the cheapest. When soapsuds dries I apply with a brush a layer of epoxy resin mixed with sifted cement.

After an hour, the epoxy resin hardens slightly and you can glue fiberglass. Pre-cut fiberglass I was impregnated on glass, using a putty knife, epoxy resin ( with hardener of course )

The next day the resin completely hardens, cut the excess edges. Using the metal ruler from the edge of shaped detachable shell from the layout. Fill in the crack with warm water. Soapsuds are melted and the shell is easily separated from the layout. In this way we made a template.

On the template will be visible to any scratches. So you need to try to make a better layout. In the same sequence,you can manufacture any part.

For the front fender, I did not do the matrix, and as the layout used a old fender from a moped.

Fuel tank

...Read part 2

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